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Web design


  1. Client fills in the enquiry form.
  2. Client provides the content for each page of the website and describes the key functions such as gallery, forum, e-shop, news block, etc. (Specified in the enquiry form)
  3. Client chooses the template for the website (from a number of templates that suits the functionality of the website)
  4. Further web design elements are discussed at this stage. If the Client is in London we arrange a meeting.
  5. At the meeting, we need to discuss the following things:
    • number of pages;
    • the functionality of the website - special components e.g. gallery, online payment procedures, special industry-related components, etc.;
    • preferable colour range for the website;
    • deadline by which the project must be completed;
    • we can also help the customer to register a domain name and hosting if the customer couldn't do it prior to our meeting (if so, please bring a card with which you want to pay for the hosting and domain name);
  6. Client pays the agreed amount and provides info regarding the access to the website's hosting and content for the pages.
  7. In about five working days Client receives a newly created website (number of days depends on the volume of the site and its functions).

Step 1. Select a template

Before you start, it is good to consider what "look and feel" you would like for your site. This may include colours, layout. InnaSoft ltd uses templates as a starting point for the web site design and customisation. All templates can be customised according to your request. Keep in mind that the template is a starting point: two websites created from the same template, each website will have a different "feel". Please, choose the template you like most of all. Please, feel free to give us examples of other sites you may like.

Step 2. Register a domain name and hosting

  • The domain name and hosting should be registered in one and the same company which fits the requirements.
  • After registration, please, FORWARD us your web site FTP details (Username, Password and Host Address). These can be obtained from the welcome email from your hosting company.
  • We also require the web site log-in details for the manager account.

Step 3. Issue the content (text)

  1. Client issues the content himself/herself:
    • Issue the content (text) for the 'Home' page, 'About Us', 'Services' / 'Products', 'Terms & Conditions', 'Contact Us' and other pages that you want to be on your website.
    • Please, consider what you want to say in relation to your target audience.
    • A few well chosen words are far better than a lot of text which says little.
    • We ask that you send us the content (text) in final proof read form, to save time and ensure your site is completed quickly.
  2. InnaSoft Ltd staff can help to issue the SEO friendly content for your site. Please ask the current 'per hour' rate for the content issue. Please note that InnaSoft Ltd staff can issue the content in English, Russian, French and Spanish.

Step 4. Provide us the images in electronic format

  • A picture paints a thousand words and a well chosen image (or images) on your Home page can instantly tell your audience what your site is about.
  • Please, send us the images you want to put on your site.
  • You can also order images from InnaSoft Ltd image library. We will obtain photos from our archives / libraries for your site at a cost of 10 pounds each.
  • You are a copyrighter of your site and
    • must supply your own images,
    • OR order to make an image from the design agency,
    • OR order to take photos by InnaSoft Ltd specialists.

Step 5. Payment

  • Please, pay the full amount directly to our business bank account (we will send you an invoice).
  • What do you get for your money? - You get exactly the services you have prepaid for.

Step 6. What happens next?

  • Having received full payment, images and content we will present you with a sample design within 3-5 working days.
  • You may either accept this, or request changes.
  • We regret that we can only allow 3 requests for changes within 7 days of presenting the initial design, however, you may specify more than one change per request.
  • After this period, changes will be charged at our usual 'per hour' rate.

Step 7. Tutorial

  • Our specialists install all important and complicated components, so for you it is enough to have some basic IT skills to be able to update your site.
  • We train you how to update your site if you request this service. Please ask the current 'per hour' rate for the training session.
    • We send you a tutorial, specially developed for your web site. Please note, every tutorial is bespokenly and specially created for your website, so the price for each tutorial is different and depends how complicated your site is.
    • OR train you in your office.

Step 8. Web editing / updates

  • You will be able to update your site easily by yourself.
  • You can also order web editing (updating) services on a daily, weekly, monthly, 'per hour' basis in your office or online.
  • InnaSoft ltd keeps close relations with the clients and is always ready to help them to update the sites, promote their business and grow via Internet technologies.