SEO package mini - step by step

SEO Services

The aim of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is to increase the flow of visitors to your website and hence increase the number of potential customers. To get high ranking in the main search engines it is essential to optimise your site. If you do not optimize your web pages, you cannot get high ranking positions and direct visitors to your site.

Optimisation makes sure that search engines can index your web pages for the right keywords.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation so important?

  • It's very important to have a beautifully designed web site, but the most important thing is that your site should be visited and bring you profit.
  • 85% of Internet of Internet users find web sites by using search engines.
  • If your site is not in the top 20-30 search engine results, Internet users will likely not find your site.
  • Your competitors' administrators make Search Engine Optimisation to put their sites at the top ranking positions.
  • It's essential to win this competition.

If you are targeting the UK market the search engine optimisation UK service is right got you. Search engine optimisation steps should be as following:

  1. Make straight forward site analysis;
  2. Generate Internet marketing strategy;
  3. Generate keywords/ key phrases which bring visitors to your site and convert them into customers looking for your product / services;
  4. Use them in titles, tags, descriptions;
  5. Proper content reach with the key words;
  6. Check the site again;
  7. Improve links popularity;
  8. Submit every month;
  9. Update regularly;
  10. Analyze competitors’ site – make improvements according highest standards.

We have got a special SEO UK soft tool to promote your Brand, Company, Site, Product, Services online.

We track and generate keywords and key phrases the UK internet visitors used during the previous month to search products or services you offer.

We analyze your site and compare it with the top 10 competitors’ websites. You get a detailed report how to improve your site ranking position in the UK search engines.

SEO Package Mini

Step 1.

First of all we analyse your website – you have to provide us with either: 6 key words / phrases and one search engine OR one key word / phrase and six search engines. Fill in the enquiry form.

Step 2.

Then we meet up for SEO consultancy. If you are based outside London we can discuss your website’s ranking via e-mail. During the consultancy we discuss the marketing strategy we are going to apply to your website. We talk over the budget, the expected results and time limits, draw up the work schedule.

Step 3.

We draw up and sign the contract.

Step 4.

After the prepayment we start to work and perform tasks outlined in the contract.

Step 5.

Each project is approached individually and a special bespoke Internet marketing strategy is designed for your website.

Step 6.

After the optimisation has been completed we submit your website to the search enginges 4 times according SEO Package Mini. Your site can be submitted to the search engines all over the world or specifically to the UK search engines only.

Our goal is to increase the profitability of your website via higher ranking in the search engines and via driving target traffic to your website.

The essential and best savings option is to choose SEO package mini.

Through careful market analysis and understanding of your online business it is possible not only get visitors but help to convert them into your customers. Contact us us today. The earlier we start our cooperation, the quicker your site will be at the top ranking positions in the Internet.