Blog marketing

Blog marketing

What does blog marketing mean?

You know that your company's website needs inbounding and outbounding links.
The search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN love to see multiple sources of content going up and linking back to your website.
The links inbounding from the social networks and sites with the same theme like your site are highly appreciated by search engines.
More than that, these blogs content (text) should be unique to your services or products and updated consistently.

  • Do you have time to update your site regularly?
  • Do you have content professionals who issue the search engine optimised content?

We do. We offer our blog marketing service.

  • Blog Marketing Service can put our team of blog writers, SEO content professionals and promoters to work for you.
  • Blogs should be actively involved in your online business for boosting your site search engine rankings and positions.
  • The blog marketing service is an investment in your company and future! This tip is essential for successful search engine optimisation.

Boost your search engine rankings and your site Internet positions via our blog marketing service.

Step 1.

Fill in the enquiry form of '2 blogs marketing services' from InnaSoft blog marketing professionals. We issue blogs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as agreed. Each blog contains 400 words.

Step 2.

In the enquiry please send us the key words we should be focused on. Each blog will have 3 links to your site according the selected key words. These keywords give a steady stream of targeted traffic of visitors who can be potentially your customers. Choose the preferred social networks. If you have already registered in these social networks, we request the login and the password to publish blogs on your behalf. We can register your profile there as well.

Step 3.

After the payment is received, we create and maintain 2 blogs during the prepaid period.

Step 4.

Every time before publishing the blog, it is sent to you for your approval. All blogs are issued on your behalf and are promoted via social networks and RSS.