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Online advertising

We help our clients with advertising online.

You can be either

  • Publisher or
  • Advertiser

1. Publisher

Being a publisher enables you to earn money via advertising other people’s websites through yours and can be done in various ways: pay per click, ads, links… If you are a publisher then the best way to advertise is via Google AdSense and / or reliable affiliate programs. We will help to choose the best programs and register there as a publisher.

2. Advertiser

If you want to be an advertiser, we will help you to register and sort out your Google AdSense account. In this sense, you will be paying directly for Google placing ads on other people’s website of related topic or similar products that you are selling. We also have a network of websites where you can place an advert.

Step 1.

Fill in the enquiry form.

Step 2.

Please, pay the full amount directly to our business bank account (we will send you an invoice).

Step 3.

After receiving full payment in advance we register you as a publisher or an advertiser via selected channels of distribution.